Duke of Edinburgh

What is Duke of Edinburgh?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is recognised worldwide by colleges, universities and employers. This qualification sets the applicants above others showing they have determination; commitment; exceptional teamwork skills and the ability to excel in everything they participate in.

What do the participants have to do, for the Bronze Award?

This award is made up of four sections; physical recreation, skill, volunteering and expedition. The students have to take part in each of the first three sections for one hour a week for 12 weeks. They then choose the activity they enjoyed the most and extend it for a further 12 weeks.

Physical Recreation- students can choose from a wide range of sporting activities from the following categories:

  • Individual sports, Team sports, Fitness, Racquet sports, Martial arts, Dance, Extreme sports and Water sports.
  • Skill – students are encouraged to take this opportunity to learning a new skill. The categories for this section are:
  • Care of animals, Creative arts, Games & sports, Learning & collecting, Life skills, Media & communication, Natural world, Science & technology, Performing arts, and Music.
  • Volunteering – this section gives the students the opportunity to gain work experience and learn skills needed to work their community. There are a wide range of choices within each of the following categories:
  • Coaching, teaching and leadership, Community action raising awareness, Helping a charity or community organisation, Helping people, Working with the environment or animals.
  • Expedition – this consists of classroom based training for one hour a week for 12 weeks, followed by a day walk and a practice expedition. During the training they learn a variety of skills such as, how to navigate using a map, set up a camp, look after the environment and work as a team. Finally, the students take part in a Qualifying Expedition where they will complete two day expedition which they have planned. This will be assessed and remotely supervised by a dedicated team of staff.

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