Inclement Weather

The Academy will remain open when it snows except on those very rare occasions when conditions worsen so much that the roads and the Academy campus prove to be hazardous and the safety of our students may be at risk. Should this happen, parents will be informed via a text message from the Academy. This message will be sent before students are notified. After seeking advice from the Local Authority Transport Section about the availability of our scholars’ buses an appropriate time will be agreed to dismiss the students. Should any students not have a means of getting home they will be able to stay on site, under staff supervision, until they are collected by a parent or carer.

Should the Academy need to be closed for a whole day, all parents will be notified in a number of different ways:-

It is parents/carers responsibility to check these sources regularly.

You may also wish to visit more information about salting routes, DCC services affected, travel issues etc.

Please note that in order for the texting service to work effectively, we require up to date mobile and landline telephone numbers. If you have changed your telephone number recently, please ask your son/daughter to advise Student Reception or alternatively you can email the details to

We want students to travel to and from the Academy ensuring they are safe and warm. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate outdoor clothing during inclement weather to get to/from the Academy such as coats, hats and gloves, however, it is expected that students will still wear their full Academy uniform.

Students who wear alternative suitable winter footwear, such as, wellington boots, are expected to bring their appropriate plain black shoes to change into. This will help to ensure corridors and other areas are kept dry so students and staff do not slip.

All students have a locker allocated to them to store outdoor clothing. Students should, where possible, store their belongings in their locker or bag. If items are too big to fit or wet they can leave them in their Year Office. However, students must be aware that any clothing or footwear left remains their responsibility. Students who do not have a locker must see their Year Manager asap.

On days when the weather is particularly bad with snow, it may be necessary to only clear the main entrance to the Academy, therefore students would not be able to access the Academy from Villa Real Road.

We would also like to reinforce the warning we give to students regarding snowballing:

Snowballing is NOT permitted in the Academy grounds

Snowballing should not take place on the roads to and from Academy and snowballs should never be thrown at vehicles

Thanking you in advance for your assistance with this matter.