About Us

It is an honour to welcome you to Consett Academy and to be able to share the success of our students with you. Whilst we strive to ensure that all students achieve their very best academically, we are convinced that it is crucial to offer students the opportunity to develop and grow into confident, resilient and exceptional young people.

In order to achieve this we aim for our students to develop moral integrity and become responsible global citizens who demonstrate tolerance and a strong sense of responsibility towards each other and to those beyond their immediate community.

The journey students embark upon at Consett Academy brings change, challenge and opportunity: the response to which goes a long way to determining the student’s quality of life upon leaving school. We strongly uphold that any success is due to the hard work and determination of students, staff and parents working collaboratively.

Consett Academy inspires excellence by its very nature, and we seek to fulfil the potential of all those involved in our unique and remarkable educational community.

Our Vision is to be ‘An inspirational learning hub that allows all students and colleagues to achieve all that they can; has an ethos that ignites a passion for learning, discovery and creativity and nurtures a moral code and self worth that stays with our young people all their lives’.

As an Academy our key priority is to drive up standards and transform the lives and aspirations of our students. We aim to be the first choice place of learning for students of all abilities living in Consett and the surrounding area. We are a self – evaluating Academy focused on continuous improvement in all areas. We put our ‘Students First’ in all that we do.


  • When you come across an obstacle, you keep going
  • Never give up, follow your dreams and don’t stop trying
  • Accepting challenges and working to overcome them


  • Be inspired – set goals and targets – ‘Think BIG!’
  • Aiming to be the best you can be, aspiring to be the best
  • Having a dream, following it and never giving up


  • Treat others as you would want to be treated. Listen and respect others’ views
  • To appreciate other people’s beliefs and opinions
  • Manners cost nothing, treat others as you would like to be treated


  • Honesty is the best policy – be true to yourself
  • Own up to things you have done, you have done them for a reason
  • Tell the truth no matter the consequence


  • Be patient and show respect
  • No violence, listen to what other people have to say
  • Don’t judge people because they are different, accept other people’s differences