Work Experience

We encourage all of our students to participate in as much relevant work experience as possible. Not only does this allow students to include a discussion in relevant university, apprenticeship and employment applications, but it also allows students to gain a realistic of experience what a career in that sector would entail.

All students will have a week dedicated to work experience at the end of Year 12. We will support students in finding relevant placements and applying. We welcome students to undertake other work experience throughout the year, as long as it is not to the detriment of their studies. Many work experience programmes are also now available online, which we encourage students to participate in.

Year 12 took part in Work Experience the week of 10th– 14th July 2023. The students had placements in a range of different sectors from school, nursing, computer science and local family businesses. This week gives the students the opportunity to have an insight into the world of work, build communication skills and forge links in the local and wider community.  

Student Feedback:  

Zoe: Medical  

This work experience was very beneficial for me as an A level student considering having a future carer in healthcare, it gave me a better understanding of what the role of paediatric nursing is and how it is also a crucial part of the NHS. It has helped me aspire to want to go to university and get a child nursing degree. 

Lily: Education – Foundation School Jesmond 

As part of my work experience, I was fortunate enough to be placed at Percy Hedley Foundation School in Jesmond. I chose this placement because of my aspirations to become a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, and I believed that this placement would provide me with valuable insight into this field. During my time there, I was placed in the deaf department where I was able to communicate with the children and staff through the use of sign language. I also gained a deeper understanding of the additional needs of deaf children. The experience allowed me to learn new skills such as how to communicate effectively with children so that they understand, and how to work in a team with teachers and teacher assistants. Additionally, the experience boosted my confidence and provided me with reassurance that my sign language was effective and that I could pursue my career aspirations. Overall, I would highly recommend work experience placement to anyone who has thought of what career they want in the future or have already decided. I would recommend to choose a place that you are deeply interested in as it would help you in the long run.   

Provider Feedback: 

Education – STEM Support  

Two students from Year 12 worked in our Science department at Consett Academy. Both girls were a pleasure to work with, proactive and organised. Throughout the week they engaged in numerous activities – technical prep for practical lessons, technical experimentation to produce sample data sets and supporting in the classroom during y12 taster sessions.  During Friday’s year 7 STEM enrichment event, they were fantastic Ambassadors for Consett Academy, supporting myself and external visitor with the set up and all day delivery of the event. 

Education – History Support  

Danny was an excellent volunteer. He actively supported students in Key Stage 3 classes with their literacy and historical knowledge/skills. He established good relationships with students in a short time. Danny researched and created classroom displays following the KS4 curriculum, he even put in over-time! Overall, an excellent addition!