Meet the Team

Tom Urwin, Head Teacher

Tom began his career as a Teacher of PE at Sedgefield Community before moving to work as Head of PE at Outwood Academy Acklam. He very quickly became a senior leader and had multiple roles within the Academy including as Vice Principal where Tom was in charge of behaviour.

In 2019, Tom was appointed as Principal at Outwood Academy Ormesby and led the school successfully for three years before being appointed to Consett Academy in December 2021.

Tom is really excited about leading the Academy and believes students should be put first so that they achieve brilliant things but also become well rounded and exceptional people.

Stuart Aldridge, Deputy Head Teacher

Stuart began his career teaching English at a secondary school in Northumberland after successfully completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Newcastle. As a newly qualified teacher, Stuart developed a passion for teaching and learning and gained leadership responsibility by being promoted to Second in Department for English. Stuart then joined a school in County Durham where he quickly became Head of English. During this time, Stuart was part of the merger of two schools to form North Durham Academy. From here, Stuart became a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for English and Literacy and gained significant whole Academy leadership experience by being responsible for NQTs and leading on the Pupil Premium strategy. In 2018, Stuart was appointed as Assistant Principal for Deep Learning and then in 2020, Stuart was appointed as Deputy Principal for Deep Learning at North Durham Academy – this demonstrated Stuart’s commitment to the Academy and his pursuit to ensure that North Durham Academy provides good quality education and support for the community that it serves. In October 2020, Stuart was appointed as Deputy Head Teacher and as a senior leader in the Academy, Stuart passionately believes in the Academy’s ethos of ‘Students First’ and that every decision that is made is made to improve the life chances of all students. Stuart joined Consett Academy in October 2022. In his role as Deputy Head Teacher, Stuart works across the Academy to ensure that students receive high quality lessons every lesson. He also supports staff to ensure that their practice enables all students to reach their full potential.

Ian Middleton, Deputy Head Teacher

Ian began his career as a Teacher of PE at South Shields Community School. As a newly qualified teacher, Ian developed a passion for student achievement and gained leadership responsibility by being promoted as a Director of Progress for Key Stage 4. Following a successful 5 years in South Shields, Ian then continued his pathway into leadership as the Head of PE and Associate Assistant Principal at Outwood Academy Ormesby.

In September 2019, Ian was appointed as Assistant Principal at Outwood Academy Acklam. After 1 year, Ian moved to Outwood Academy Bydales as the Vice Principal responsible for behaviour and attitudes. Ian strongly believes in the Academy’s ethos of ‘Students First’ and that every decision that is made is made to improve the life chances of all students.

Following a successful 3 years at Bydales, Ian returned to Acklam to support the academy to raise standards and transform lives, whilst developing his own leadership skills to minimise learning barriers to ensure students can reach their maximum potential, regardless of their starting points. Ian was the designated teacher and designated safeguarding lead during this time before being successfully appointed to the role of Deputy Head Teacher at Consett Academy.

Aaron White, Acting Deputy Head Teacher

Aaron started out as a football coach and worked in a wide variety of primary and secondary schools in the County Durham area before moving to the USA to work for the New York Red Bulls. Upon his return from the USA, Aaron decided to pursue a career as a PE Teacher and trained at the North East Partnership SCITT. 

Aaron started his teaching career at South Shields School in 2015 where he uncovered a passion for pastoral care. This led to him quickly becoming a teaching Head of Year and then Assistant Principal leading on Behaviour and Attitudes. In 2020, Aaron moved to Outwood Academy Ormesby where he led on Attendance and Admissions, as well as taking on the role of designated teacher, ensuring that the most vulnerable students received the best possible education and experiences. 

Aaron has now chosen to return to work in the County Durham area where he has lived for the majority of his life. He is driven to overcome barriers to learning for all students at Consett Academy. As such, ensuring that all students have the means to access high quality education and subsequently the opportunities that this provides in later life. 

David Hall, Assistant Head Teacher

After qualifying with a BSc in Geography from Northumbria University, David began his PGCE at the University of Sunderland. He began his teaching career in 2012 in the Southwest of England working with students with complex behavioural issues. David relocated to the North East in 2014 after securing a position as teacher of Geography at the Academy. Working closely with the Year teams he developed his skills in creating a great atmosphere for learning and building positive relationships with all students in the academy. He has acted as a Head of Year for two separate year groups before being offered a position of Associate Assistant Head Teacher in February 2022, and now Assistant Head Teacher in January 2023. David is passionate about the academy, and ensuring all students have the chance to make progress. He firmly believes people of Consett deserve a school they are proud to send their children to. 

When not working hard for the students of the academy, David enjoys watching cricket and long walks with his partner and their two young children around the beautiful countryside in the North of England. 

Catriona Veide, Assistant Head Teacher

Catriona Veide joined the Academy in September 2020 after 18 years teaching at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. Her career started as an English teacher at Easington Comprehensive School, before moving to Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy in Gateshead. Here she was successful in a number of roles: Head of English; Director of Teaching and Assistant Principal.

An experienced senior leader, Catriona’s passion is ensuring that all young people develop skills in learning so they can be successful in their futures. Catriona believes that education should provide opportunities and experiences for all young people so that they can grow and succeed.

When Catriona is not working you will find her spending time with her family, walking their dogs or coaching rugby.

Jonelle Pye, Head of PE and Associate Assistant Head Teacher

Jonelle started her teaching career as a PE teacher at North Durham Academy, after completing a PGCE at Durham University. After her first year, Jonelle had the opportunity to move to Consett Academy where she teaches PE and dance and after 2 years progressed to Head of PE. Jonelle’s PE philosophy is that ‘All students should have the opportunity to enjoy, succeed and excel in a wide range of competitive sports and other physically-demanding activities’.

 In April 2022, Jonelle joined the senior leadership team as Associate Assistant Head Teacher, leading on the elective curriculum and trips. As a leader, Jonelle’s passion is ensuring that students have the opportunity to develop the ‘whole person’ via opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

When Jonelle is not working, you will find her spending time with friends and coaching trampolining.

Jo Yates, Assistant Head Teacher

Jo began her teaching career teaching Geography in a secondary school in Southport, Merseyside. She developed a passion not only for her subject, but also for teaching and learning, leading to her being appointed Head of Department after her first year. Jo relocated to the North East and began working at a school in County Durham as leader of a large team. She was part of the team leading the merger of two schools to form Consett Academy as the Director of Humanities. Over the time Jo has worked closely developing community links and has often represented the Academy in the local area. Jo firmly believes in professional development and was given the role of Associate Assistant Head Teacher in charge of the newly qualified teachers. She has recently taken on further responsibility working with the exams and data team to drive progress and attainment for students in the Academy ensuring that they are prepared for the next stage of their learning.  

When Catriona is not working you will find her spending time with her family, walking their dogs or coaching rugby.

Catherine Goodwin, Assistant Head Teacher

Catherine completed a History degree and PGCE at Newcastle University.  She started her teaching career at Kenton School in Newcastle where she gained leadership experience as Second in the History Department and Head of Government and Politics.  She was then appointed to the role of Leader of Teaching and Learning in  History at Gosforth Academy where she successfully led the Department for a number of years.  After completing the NPQSL she was appointed to a whole school leadership role when she was given responsibility for Character Education as an Associate Leader. 

Catherine is passionate about teaching and learning.  She strongly believes in the ability of all students to excel in education if they are fully engaged in their learning.  She believes that teachers must have enormous enthusiasm for their subject to ensure that they teach the students, first and foremost, a lifelong love of learning which will then lead to exam success.  She is an advocate of using techniques and strategies which are supported by sound educational research and of using research techniques to discover what works best in each context.  Catherine is very excited about leading teaching and learning at Consett where there are so many talented teachers who are committed to helping every student exceed their potential