Mental Health & Wellbeing Support at Consett Academy

Consett Academy has a team of staff who are available to support students with their mental health and wellbeing in school. This includes Year Managers, Head of Student Support and the School Counsellor. Students are able to speak to their identified Year Managers around any concerns they may have or a request for support and then a plan of support will be put in place. This could be in the form of Year Manager Intervention, a referral into the school counsellor or a referral to an external support network if necessary.

Action Plan for 2023 2024

Consett Academy are investing in our Mental Health and Wellbeing support Network and have identified the need to widen the offer of support available to students.

Our Head of Student Support – Mr Stevenson will be completing the Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead program this year. This will promote raising awareness and increasing capacity so mental health and wellbeing is something the whole school community can benefit from when required.

We will also be introducing a Mental Health 1st Aid team to work alongside the Year Managers and School Counsellor in order to provide further support where required to the students.

Aside from in school support there is a variety of outside Mental Health Support agencies which families can liaise directly with if they feel addition support is needed.

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