Student Voice/Leadership

We are delighted to introduce Consett Academy’s Head Boy and Girl and their deputies for 2020-2021.

Head Boy Jamie P and Head Girl Isla K Deputies – Ella J, Jodi M and Lily W

The students were appointed following a very competitive application, presentation, and interview process. We have every confidence that they will all do a great job with their student leadership roles and would like to wish them well as they begin their final year in the Academy.

All students at the Academy will have the opportunity to be elected by their peers in their Progress Tutor Group by giving a short presentation explaining why they should be elected. A democratic vote will then take place to elect their chosen representative to go forward and become the Year Council. The successful students will be the ‘voice’ of the Academy and hold a very important and prestigious role.

Our Academy Student Council engages and inspires Young Leaders within the Academy. A process of nominating, electing and voting is followed in order to raise the profile of Young Leaders and empower the Academy Leaders to take responsibility for the environment that they are educated within. Achievement Leaders play a significant role in this aspect of Academy life and will assist in raising the profile of Academy Councillors and Academy Leaders. Topical issues which fall in line with the Academies Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values form the backbone of the Academy Council’s topics of discussion.

The Academy Council consists of one student from each Progress Tutor Group from Years 7-10 and a Deputy in the event of the Form Representative being absent. The students are nominated and then elected by members of their Progress Tutor Group; those elected form the Year Council.

Senior Pastoral Managers meet with their Year Council each half term to discuss topical and relevant issues. From each Year Council, the Academy Council is formed. Five students from each Year Council are nominated to form the Academy Council. Mrs Crawford, Associate Assistant Principal meets with the Academy Council each half term to discuss issues that have been raised in the Year Council meetings.